How to Unlock Tmobile iPhone

Having your phone locked from a network provider limits you from using any other network. T-Mobile has its own range of locked phones, including iPhones. Remember that unlocking your phone does not mean that you can use all carriers. Before you are unlocking your phone for another carrier, make sure that their service is available for your phone if you unlock it.

Requirements to unlock your iPhone from Tmobile

T-Mobile is one of the four biggest network providers in the US. Like all the other services, T-Mobile has its own conditions, restrictions, and several requirements that you need to fulfil before you can request a phone unlock. Some of the important requirements for t mobile unlock iphone 7 plus process include:

You must have purchased your iPhone from a T-Mobile store or network service provider.

Once you unlock your phone, your phone will no longer be a responsibility of T-Mobile, and you cannot report it as stolen, blocked, or lost to the carrier.

If you have a postpaid connection, you cannot unlock your phone without paying your bills. Your customer account should clear all the dues before you apply for iPhone unlock.

If you have already requested more than two unlock codes from T-Mobile or any other service in the last year, you cannot get your request approved again. This means that if you have two iPhones, you cannot get more than four unlock codes for it.

You also need to read T-Mobile’s unlocking terms and conditions. Your phone needs to meet all the conditions from T-Mobile to get unlocked.

T-Mobile unlocking centre may as for proof of purchase, and some other documents may be necessary to approve the process.

Additional requirements for prepaid accounts

To unlock a prepaid T-Mobile iPhone, you need to keep it active for at least one year. If you have purchased your phone in the last few months, your unlock request will not get approved.

In other cases, if you have recharged your phone for at least $100 in the past couple of months, you do not have to wait for one year to request an unlock.

Additional requirements for postpaid accounts

When you submit a request to unlock your iPhone from T-Mobile, you must make sure that you have cleared all your due postpaid balance.

The phone that you want to unlock need to be active for a minimum of 40 days on the same line to get approved by T-Mobile. You must pay all the charges before you apply for unlocking or your request may get delayed, or you will have to apply again.

In case your account has been cancelled, you will still need to pay any due balances and keep your account value at zero before applying.

How to request T-Mobile to unlock your iPhone

You can get in touch with the customer service to submit your request to unlock the phone. You will be asked for reasons and any alternatives in case you like you stick back with T-Mobile. You can also visit a T-mobile store and ask the staff in person about the procedure. T-Mobile reserve the rights to deny your request based on their own reasons.



Air purifiers are not just to make sure that your house is clean but also to make sure that you do not fall ill due to passive smoking. Today having an air purifier makes sense as dust and pollutions can cause a lot allergies and illness.

LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-H132

This is one of the most affordable options which is specially designed to used in homes and children. There are many air purifiers which can create ozone as a by-product. It has a 3 stage filtration process which can take care of any smoke, ash or any other pollutants present in your home. This is also one of the most quietest of all the smoke eaters which can be due to the lack of ionizer. Also, it comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufactures.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir

This is also a very affordable option which works best for small rooms. It has a HEPA Filter which can work with regular filter replacement. It vacuums the air and makes sure that you have clean and filtered air. This filter is made of cardboard and it won’t last for ever. it is 9 inch tall and quiet which is pretty easy to control.

PureZone 3 IN 1 True HEPA Air Purifier

This is one product which works from Pure Enrichment. It is a little expensive but worth it. This can last upto 5 years warranty which can clean the large area quickly. The design is very modern and has a filter system. You might need to make sure that you clean up the filters with soap and water.

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen can easily remove smoke from a big room. This is one room filtration system which does a good job clearing up all the allergens from the air. This is a very large device and is also one of the quietest. The air filtration is also much better especially when you place it near a wall.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air purification

This is one air purifier which can handle rooms from upto 361 square feet which is also a very affordable option. You can have versions of this in the same price range which can make it a better option to clear out all of pollutants form the room. If you love to smoke cigar this is your best air purifier for your job. This filtration system requires you to make sure that you frequently replace the filters. If you want to learn more about filters and air purifiers which can eat smoke from your room, these 6 smoke eaters from Moonriver can make sure you get the most clean air indoors.


Mistakes To Avoid While Buying A Mattress

We are humans, and we are bound to make mistakes. Committing mistakes without knowledge is acceptable up to a certain level.  All it takes is a little bit of effort to avoid these mistakes. In this article, we will see in detail the mistakes that one needs to avoid while buying a mattress. If you want to make the right decision while buying a mattress check out Schlafguru’s Bodyguard Anti-Kartell Matratze that provide the information that you need to make the perfect decision. One needs to be careful while buying a mattress because a considerable amount of money goes into it.

Wrong size

This is one of the mistakes that cannot be accepted at any cost. The first thing that you need to notice is the size of the mattress that you need to buy which depends on the cot that you have. To avoid these mistakes, all it takes is to spend some time and take the measurement of the cot. It would be really unappealing or awkward if the mattress is penetrating outside the cot. It will also create folds on the end which will damage the mattress easily.


Generally speaking, this could not be a huge problem. But there are some instances where this could end up as a problem because there are some people who will allergic to some materials. If you do not have such allergies, you can choose any material that you are comfortable with. You spend a considerable amount of time on your bed. It is like nearly five to six hours on a daily basis. If you are choosing the material that is in any way hazardous to your health, then you do not need to have any doubt that you will be affected in a really bad way.

Compromising on quality because of cost

Everyone needs to understand the fact that mattress is a long term investment. If taken care properly they can last for a really long time. This is one of the things where quality needs to take the front seat. We do accept the fact that cost plays a very important role to play. But investing in a good mattress will definitely benefit in many ways, and hence it is better not to compromise on quality. Compromising on the quality might save a bit of money, but you will have to face a lot of issues like body pain, sleeplessness and a lot of other things.

Trusting the reviews and star rating

The current generation has this habit if checking reviews before every purchase that they make. We are not saying that it is a bad thing. It is just making decisions based on the reviews is a bad thing. That too when it comes to mattress it is not advisable to do that because sleeping patterns will differ from one person to the other. There are good possibilities that you might feel the same way what the other person felt.


Know About The Best Vacuum Cleaners Of 2019

Trying to find out about the best vacuum cleaners often requires visiting several websites. There are several kinds of vacuum cleaner manufacturers available these days and they offer vacuum cleaners having multiple kinds of features for various people having various kinds of needs. There are people who want to have vacuum cleaner which would work in both dry and wet conditions, while there are also some people who wants to have that kind of vacuum cleaner which would be able to manage different types of floors without having to change anything manually. There are people who would invest a lot to get the best at the same time there are ones who would go for the best vacuum under $100. Choosing the best vacuum cleaner might be confusing as there are so many kinds of vacuum cleaners available these days. Therefore, have a look at few of the best vacuum cleaners of 2019 in order to decide which one would be most suitable for your needs:

Vaccum Cleaners

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is one of the oldest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. If you are looking for a dry and portable vacuum cleaner then this model from eureka Forbes is the best one for you. This vacuum cleaner would help you to easily clean every nook and corner of your home. The swivel wheels of this vacuum cleaner make it a versatile machine. Moreover, its long handle allows a person to clean without having to bend their backs and the suction function of this machine is very powerful. The most attractive feature of this vacuum cleaner is the dust bag indicator.

Shark IF250UK Vacuum Cleaner


It is a cordless cleaner which can run for 22 minutes after charging. It is available with two batteries, so you can swap the batteries and clean for 44 minutes at one go. This vacuum cleaner also has powerful suction and easily portable having several cleaning modes. It is much cheaper than many other brands. You can easily bend this vacuum cleaner and clean the hard to reach portions such as under the sofa without crawling down on the floor. Though this machine is not very light weight, still it is portable enough for many people. If you have a pet then you can have the special edition which has in-built features for pet cleaning.

Philips FC8474/02 Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner


This vacuum cleaner is among the best bag less vacuum cleaners which are available these days having a compact model being powerful as well as attractive. This machine is available with a power cyclone for a higher suction power for enabling better cleaning. The capacity of this machine is 1.5 litres and it has a reusable bin for collecting dust. Moreover, you would be getting two year warranty on this machine.

Panasonic NC-CG304 Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is considered as one of the most eco-friendly machine and it also has a compact design. It is said to be one of the best one for cleaning pet hair as it is available with a powerful air dust catcher and high suction power. Another great feature of this machine is its blower option. This machine is available with one year warranty.


How to keep your house safe

So it would be one beautiful day that the family decides just to leave and go on vacation. We all love those moments when we all just sit down and decide to go to the Bahamas, or to the US, Greece, Jordan and the list goes on. But what’s not fun is when you get back home, and you find that the brand new tv you bought is not where its supposed to be and is missing entirely from the household items. You go to your garage and find that your vehicle doesn’t have any of its wheels on. This would really scare any of us if we were to find ourselves in that situation. keep the house safe whether you’re going on vacation or if you were to live there every day.

  • Don’t brag too loud

We all know that we love to say stuff to our neighbors and our friends about our lives because we have that sense of satisfaction when we know that we are doing better than the others. But today nobody speaks to each other. They only text. Don’t go uploading everything about your vacation online on social media. let it be less easier for people to know when you are at your home and when your not.

  • Good doggy, nice doggy

Having a dog isn’t a bad idea. It is usually the smallest dog who ends up barking the loudest. But even so keep a “stay out, guard dog will bite,” or a “beware of dog” sign on your gate. That itself usually throws away the burglars from the focus and keeps the less willful ones away

  • In today out tomorrow

You bought a brand new 55-inch QLED tv, and you put the box of the TV right outside for everyone to know that you have the best tv in the neighborhood. You will get the attention you wanted, but it won’t necessarily be the right ones. The burglars would know what to steal and how much its worth.

  • Keep it bright

If you were to keep motion sensor lights in and around your house, they would easily avoid come near. Because why would you go into a house that lights up the entire area as soon as a movement has been detected?

  • Keep the doors closed at all times

Having any doors open is usually not a good thing to be doing as it would be a security issue. Burglars would easily be able to access to everything in the house as everything else would be open. keep all the doors closed. That way you won’t have to go around at night closing them all. You just did yourself a favor. Have Window security bars installed for more protection


Tips for Buying a New Mattress

A good sleep comes with a comfortable mattress. That is why you should also choose a good mattress. However, finding a mattress such a mattress is not always easy. There are many brands out there with each promising to be the best. Some brands like ChiliPad have come up with amazing technology in mattress such as ChiliPad electric cooling pad which helps to adjust the temperature of the mattress. So, how do you choose the best? Below are tips for buying a new mattress.


This is the first consideration you should take when choosing a new mattress. What is the size of your bed? You don’t want to buy something bigger or smaller than your bed. Take the dimensions of your bed before going out to shop for a new mattress.

Test the mattress for comfort

You should lie down for several minutes on the mattress you are aspiring to buy to test its comfort. This will give you an idea on the support and comfort of a mattress before you buy it. You don’t want to buy something and then regret later.

Check the construction material

Mattresses are made using various materials. Some materials include foam and latex. There are even waterbeds, hybrid ones like latex and foam. Each material has its benefits and disadvantages. For example, waterbeds don’t give enough support while memory foam is hotter than other materials.

Go through the pros and cons of each material before making a purchase. Check on durability, support, price, and other features that enable to choose the material that best suits you.

Price vs. Value

How much are you planning to spend on a new mattress? Check the prices of various mattresses and check which one best suits your budget. One thing you need to keep in mind is that cheap is not always the best while expensive is not a guarantee of quality.

Check the features of a mattress and weigh that against the selling price. This will enable you to settle on a mattress that gives the best value for your budget.

Coil count and wire gauge

Check the wire gauge and coil count in a mattress before buying it. The coil unit of a mattress give you support and allows your spine to align in its natural curve. That is why you should take note of the coil count before buying a mattress. If a mattress has more coils that your previous mattress, it has a better quality.


Don’t make the mistake of buying a mattress from a famous brand without checking its features. You may have the perception that its quality since it comes from a popular brand. Well, you may be wrong. Always read reviews from previous customers before choosing the mattress from any brand.

Ask family and friends or go online to see what others have to say about that brand. You will get useful information that you can use to help you pick the best mattress.

Medical issues

Do you have any medical problems that may be provoked depending on the mattress you use? Such include back problems, tailbone pain, hip aches among others. Keep this in mind before choosing a mattress. You can even talk to your doctor for recommendations.


10 advantages of infrared heating panels

Infrared is electromagnetic radiation that cannot be seen with a naked eye. Simply, it is the light that makes you feel warm. Though radiations are termed as harmful, not all are hazardous to humankind. While the energy saving benefits of infrared panel heaters are talked about, not many peoples can know how infrared heating panels are advantageous. For more information on the infrared heating panels go to they will help you get the best infrared heater.

Infrared heating panels are safe and truly beneficial in many ways.

1. Warm rooms faster

Since infrared panels produce heat quickly using radiation, they are efficient in heating large rooms. Therefore you will save much on energy bills as they warm the room when you turn the switch on.

2. Less costly

The cost of maintaining that these panels are significantly less than other conventional heaters. They use less energy than other types of heaters to produce the same amount of energy. Indeed infrared heaters are affordable to run.

3. Reduce mold in a damp room

Infrared heaters not only heat objects present in a room but also air around. Because of this, the dampness of a room is significantly reduced.

4. Consistency in temperature produced

Unlike other heaters which heat the air around the ceiling in a conventional manner, infrared heaters heat the room consistently. For this reason, peoples using such heaters live in great comfort without forcing them to vacate from cold parts in that room.

5. Low maintenance

If you install infrared heaters, they will last for many years without any need of being serviced. You can replace them after 10 years so that they continue offering you great service.

6. Safe and takes precise space

In most cases, radiators are often placed on the floor hence they take up a large space. It is not the case with infrared heaters since they can be hanged on the walls. Otherwise, this will free up space and also acts as a mean of decoration to your room.

7. Prevent the spread of allergies

Using infrared heaters, you will have dust being contained. It is because these panels rarely use air to heat the room. Therefore infrared panels are the best to use rather than the normal radiators since they prevent spread of allergies.

8. Numerous health benefits

When the body absorbs heat, it increases the circulation system hence boosting the immune system. Additionally, this reduces the chances of your body parts becoming inflamed.

9. Easier to install

Not only are infrared heaters cheaper to install, but also easier. Just turn on and off, and all is well. Since they take less time to install, the cost of installing them is quite low.

10. They look fantastic

These panels look great and multifunctional. You can use them as bathroom mirrors or even get a canvas printed for them.

Installing infrared panels will save your money and make your home so comfortable. Therefore having an infrared panel is the best decision you can make for your home.


How to remove stains from your walls

Walls and stains, the relationship that these both share has been lasting for ages. The bond that they share is so hard to break. It is one of the everyday problems that we have been dealing for ages. Even though the many paint companies have come up with some new methods to remove stains, it is never like what they show in the ads.

Here are some methods that will help you remove stains from the wall. There are specific methods that need to be followed to remove different types of stains. Certain products in the market such as wet and forget that gives good results on all types of stains. Here is wet and forget review for you to have a clear idea.

Oil and kitchen stains

Oil and kitchen are one of the hardest dirt to remove from the walls. If not removed soon they become hard and sticky. Even though there are certain wipes to remove this type of dirt, they are frequently available in the market. To clean the oil and kitchen dirt, follow these simple steps. A cup of ammonia, ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 gallon of warm water. Spray this solution on the dirt on the wall and wipe it with a sponge.

Crayon Stains

This is one the common problems when there is little one in the house. It is really hard to make them understand. Rather than running behind them, it is better to opt for the solution. These crayon marks are easy to remove with some simple steps. Rub toothpaste on the marks. Erase it with a normal eraser. Finally, use baby wipes to wipe them off the wall.

Permanent Marker Stains

The name itself really gives us a headache. As the name goes, they are really tough to remove. To remove these type of stains soak a big cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Make sure to press hard and wipe it on the stains. You can also opt to spray rather than using cotton. But using cotton gives better results. Now leave for some time and wipe with drips.

Ink Stains

Ink is one of the common stains that we come across on a daily basis. It can be easily removed by using shaving creams or dry cleaning solvents.  The process is very simple. Apply the shaving cream or the dry cleaning solvents on the ink stain and wait for a few minutes. Wipe it with a towel or a piece of cotton to remove them from the wall.

Mildew Fungus

This is a common type of fungus that is formed on the walls. To remove this fungus from the walls spray the mixture of vinegar and water adding a little bit of laundry detergent makes it more effective. Leave the mixture to react on the fungus for some hours. Then rinse them with normal water.


Design Tips When Choosing a Toilet for Your Remodeled Bathroom

So, you have finally remodeled your bathroom but there is something that is still causing some irritation. Yes, we are talking about the toilet. Usually, people do not consider changing the toilet while remodeling their bathroom believing that it’s not necessary at all. But after remodeling the bathroom they start realizing that it was also meant to be changed.

In this situation, some people do nothing with a thought that they can’t do anything about it because they’d have to change the look of the entire bathroom just because of the toilet. Click Here and take a look at some tips for choosing the right toilet for your remodeled bathroom.

So, they do nothing about it and keep using the same old toilet years after years. But they still will feel very uncomfortable with this change. Sooner or later, they have to change the toilet because it doesn’t look comfortable at all. However, there are others that do not wait for the results and decide to make the change as soon as possible.

So, if you are also the one, then you should be glad because half of your problem is solved as we have prepared a list of things you should keep in mind when choosing a toilet for your remodeled bathroom. We are sure that the following tips will play an important role in adding more beauty to your bathroom. Make sure that you read reviews about shopping for the best toilets before choosing a toilet for your remodeled bathroom.

Here are the design tips for choosing a toilet for your remodeled bathroom.

Choosing the height

The height of toilet can make several changes to your bathroom designs, therefore, you should choose the average height of toilet so that it may provide a comfortable look. Usually, the toilets come with an average height but the two or three inches higher toilets may also look perfect if they are suitable for your bathroom’s design.

However, if the kids are going to use the toilet, then you should consider choosing the average height because kids may face difficulties while using the higher toilets.

Two-piece toilet

The two-piece toilet looks perfect for every type of bathroom. Most of the homeowners are satisfied with the two-piece toilet because it has many useful features. However, if you are not satisfied with the two-piece toilet, you can choose the one piece toilet instead.

Bowl Shape

Choosing the right bowl shape is also very important. Round and elongated bowls are commonly used in the bathrooms. If you have a smaller bathroom, then you should consider buying the round bowl as they are perfectly designed for small bathrooms. However, if the size doesn’t matter, then elongated bowls may be the ideal option for your bathroom. Here are some other tips for choosing the right toilet for your remodeled bathroom.


How to Design Your Bathroom Sink to Look Elegant?

An elegant bathroom is always the perfect bathroom but you know what, it takes a lot of effort to design your bathroom in a stylish and elegant way. There are many furniture items that can help in adding an elegant and stylish look to your bathroom but when it comes to talking about the sink, the things get a little bit complicated because there aren’t enough options available and the ones that are available are really expensive.

Therefore, most of the people feel helpless when trying to add an elegant and stylish looking sink to their bathroom.

However, there are some cheap and creative ideas that can help in adding a stylish look to your bathroom sink. Thus, your bathroom would look really stylish and elegant. In this article, we will take a look at some ideas to help make your bathroom sink really stylish and elegant.

These ideas will make you feel comfortable whenever a guest asks you to use your bathroom because you’d be satisfied that they would appreciate your efforts that you have made to make your bathroom look stylish and elegant. Here are the ideas that can help in making your bathroom sink look elegant and stylish.

Quality Sink Unit

The best thing you can do here is to add a quality sink unit to your home because it can keep your bathroom neat and clean all the time. The average quality sink units get damaged with the passage of time and they ruin the overall beauty of your home. Therefore, you should consider buying the quality sink units so that they can keep your bathroom neat and clean all the time without ruining their overall look.

The Sink Units at Bathroom City are the perfect ones that you can add to your bathroom. These sink units are available at a very reasonable price and the most important thing about these sink units is that they are long-lasting.


The addition of attractive cabinets and compartments can do the wonders as they can add a stylish look to the sink. You can design the cabinets according to your bathroom’s style. There are plenty of ideas available on the internet that can help in designing the perfect cabinets and compartments for your bathroom sink. You need to hire the professionals for this job otherwise, you’d damage the walls of your bathroom and the job would still remain incomplete.


Find a stylish and elegant mat for your bathroom sink and place it in front of the sink. Thus, your bathroom sink would look really elegant and stylish. Make sure that the design of the mat is really attractive so that the sink may also look elegant and stylish. Here are some other ideas that you can use to add a stylish and elegant look to your bathroom.