It’s no secret I love antiques and vintage furniture, art and accessories. Vintage is at the heart of my home’s decor.  I can’t say anything I own is of significant monetary value but I see the various pieces that I have collected (or been given) as little treasures, each with a story. A story about how they came into my life and where they came from.

Sure it’s stuff and stuff breaks (don’t I know it!). And stuff most definitely can’t replace people but people are behind these vintage pieces. The designers, crafters, assemblers, merchants, and past owners leave their mark on these second hand treasures. Not only that, but their history (our history) plays into why these vintage pieces look and function the way they do. Then they come into my life and their story is woven into my family’s story. In a small way they shape how we live today while at the same time we breath new life into them.

When you buy new you might get great design, you might get a great price, you might have bought it at a fabulous shop with a quirky clerk but it’s just not the same as owning something that has lived through a time gone by and had the stamina to continue on into the context of our current age. There is something special about that extra layer of significance you get from a fabulous vintage find, TIME, that makes buying vintage the best way for me to tell my own unique story through design.

So why do you, or don’t you, buy vintage?