A Percolator Bong uses an extra sub-chamber inside the pole of your bong. Without getting excessively logical, the percolator guarantees a smooth, cool smoke in two or three distinctive ways.

To start with it ensures two-phase cooling and sifting, by at first going the smoke through the water, and after that through your Percolator(s). Besides the client causes a weight differential between the top and base bay and outlet.

That weight differential makes little fluid air pockets cooperate with the surface in the meantime, conveying a formally dressed and cool smoke to the client’s lungs. The accompanying outline is a visual exhibit of how the procedure functions.

How would I fill my Percolator Bong?

We have found that including ice, not warm water through the highest point of your Bong the best way. You can likewise haul out your downstem and include your water straightforwardly there, yet it is for the most part less demanding for the beginner to include from the mouthpiece.

  1. Affirm now the Percs are submerged however how would I level out the water in the Percs and into the vase?

Awesome question! When you have included a decent even measure of chilly water next you need to blow air from the mouthpiece (tenderly) this will take abundance water that has sunk into the Percs into the vase of your Bong.

  1. How submerged in water ought to my Perc(s) be after I have filled the Bong with water?

After you have finished strides 1 and 2 your Percs ought to be submerged between 1/3 and 1/2 route with water. This will promise you won’t get a mouth brimming with top notch Bongwater, and will likewise limit drag while you breathe in.

  1. Alright, I’m done toking and the water is quite frightful. How would I exhaust my Percolator Bong without scrubbing down in its terrible Bongwater?

I hear that getti
ng Bongwater on you is never something to be thankful for. What you have to do is evacuate your downstem and as we did to even the water in the Percs we do likewise yet this time the messy water ought to move its way into the vase and afterward discharge when your Percs look free of the old water.


Step by step instructions to clean a percolator bong

Since you are hysterically endeavoring to look for an answer for your filthy Bong circumstance let me show the best alternative in deterrent upkeep accessible to Bong smokers all over.

That is the Ashcatcher or Precooler. Helping in the general dissemination of your Bong while keeping up its perfect appearance the Ashcatcher is an unquestionable requirement possess.

The Ashcatcher effortlessly cuts onto your Bong and will now catch and hold the cinder that creates amid a smoke session, keeping your glass looking and hitting like fresh out of the plastic new. We have tried out a couple of various brands and have preferred the accompanying in general form and execution once connected to a Bong.

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