Having your phone locked from a network provider limits you from using any other network. T-Mobile has its own range of locked phones, including iPhones. Remember that unlocking your phone does not mean that you can use all carriers. Before you are unlocking your phone for another carrier, make sure that their service is available for your phone if you unlock it.

Requirements to unlock your iPhone from Tmobile

T-Mobile is one of the four biggest network providers in the US. Like all the other services, T-Mobile has its own conditions, restrictions, and several requirements that you need to fulfil before you can request a phone unlock. Some of the important requirements for t mobile unlock iphone 7 plus process include:

You must have purchased your iPhone from a T-Mobile store or network service provider.

Once you unlock your phone, your phone will no longer be a responsibility of T-Mobile, and you cannot report it as stolen, blocked, or lost to the carrier.

If you have a postpaid connection, you cannot unlock your phone without paying your bills. Your customer account should clear all the dues before you apply for iPhone unlock.

If you have already requested more than two unlock codes from T-Mobile or any other service in the last year, you cannot get your request approved again. This means that if you have two iPhones, you cannot get more than four unlock codes for it.

You also need to read T-Mobile’s unlocking terms and conditions. Your phone needs to meet all the conditions from T-Mobile to get unlocked.

T-Mobile unlocking centre may as for proof of purchase, and some other documents may be necessary to approve the process.

Additional requirements for prepaid accounts

To unlock a prepaid T-Mobile iPhone, you need to keep it active for at least one year. If you have purchased your phone in the last few months, your unlock request will not get approved.

In other cases, if you have recharged your phone for at least $100 in the past couple of months, you do not have to wait for one year to request an unlock.

Additional requirements for postpaid accounts

When you submit a request to unlock your iPhone from T-Mobile, you must make sure that you have cleared all your due postpaid balance.

The phone that you want to unlock need to be active for a minimum of 40 days on the same line to get approved by T-Mobile. You must pay all the charges before you apply for unlocking or your request may get delayed, or you will have to apply again.

In case your account has been cancelled, you will still need to pay any due balances and keep your account value at zero before applying.

How to request T-Mobile to unlock your iPhone

You can get in touch with the customer service to submit your request to unlock the phone. You will be asked for reasons and any alternatives in case you like you stick back with T-Mobile. You can also visit a T-mobile store and ask the staff in person about the procedure. T-Mobile reserve the rights to deny your request based on their own reasons.