How to keep your house safe

So it would be one beautiful day that the family decides just to leave and go on vacation. We all love those moments when we all just sit down and decide to go to the Bahamas, or to the US, Greece, Jordan and the list goes on. But what’s not fun is when you get back home, and you find that the brand new tv you bought is not where its supposed to be and is missing entirely from the household items. You go to your garage and find that your vehicle doesn’t have any of its wheels on. This would really scare any of us if we were to find ourselves in that situation. keep the house safe whether you’re going on vacation or if you were to live there every day.

  • Don’t brag too loud

We all know that we love to say stuff to our neighbors and our friends about our lives because we have that sense of satisfaction when we know that we are doing better than the others. But today nobody speaks to each other. They only text. Don’t go uploading everything about your vacation online on social media. let it be less easier for people to know when you are at your home and when your not.

  • Good doggy, nice doggy

Having a dog isn’t a bad idea. It is usually the smallest dog who ends up barking the loudest. But even so keep a “stay out, guard dog will bite,” or a “beware of dog” sign on your gate. That itself usually throws away the burglars from the focus and keeps the less willful ones away

  • In today out tomorrow

You bought a brand new 55-inch QLED tv, and you put the box of the TV right outside for everyone to know that you have the best tv in the neighborhood. You will get the attention you wanted, but it won’t necessarily be the right ones. The burglars would know what to steal and how much its worth.

  • Keep it bright

If you were to keep motion sensor lights in and around your house, they would easily avoid come near. Because why would you go into a house that lights up the entire area as soon as a movement has been detected?

  • Keep the doors closed at all times

Having any doors open is usually not a good thing to be doing as it would be a security issue. Burglars would easily be able to access to everything in the house as everything else would be open. keep all the doors closed. That way you won’t have to go around at night closing them all. You just did yourself a favor. Have Window security bars installed for more protection