Thursday, June 12, 2014

Frilly, Floral, Feminine Big Girl Room Reveal

Francie turned three this weekend and her birthday morning looked a little something like this:
The Man took her to get some donuts while I hurried up and put the finishing touches on her new room, then she returned to find a big girl room (with a real big girl bed!), and more importantly a Rapunzel crown complete with long pink streamers for hair and balloons scattered about. She did love the room, she kept repeating "MY big girl room" (strong emphasis on the my) but I must say we really impressed with those balloons and the crown.

Then yesterday, right before nap time, we (ok, I) tidied up the room, put on as she calls it, "soundtrack" (i.e. the Frozen movie soundtrack), in the Bonus Room, and I encouraged her to dance around, while I snapped a few shots of the finished room. Needless to say it's hard to keep a girl out of her own room, particularly when you tell her you need her to stay out. Statements like this only ignite the curiosity of three-year-olds. So you will see Francie popping in and out of these shots, think of her as your tour guide. 

In case you forgot or missed it the first time around, the inspiration for the room was Frilly, Floral and Feminine. It's a bit of a shift from her no-theme-nursery but that's the girl she's become and so follows her room. This was sort of the plan in going with a no-theme nursery design, the room could then evolve with the girl, I'm just glad it worked out. We were able to reuse her dresser, pallet sofacurtains, and most of the art as well as the red-pink-orange color scheme. Although there was a bit more emphasis on pink in the new room. The new pieces included: a headboard, side table, faux flower chandeliermosquito netting, twin bed and bedding.  But you can see for yourself...
I used washi tape to spice up the bland wall-mounted shelves and this big bare wall.
I also created some art hangers play up the feminine vibe and to display some original Francie art. You can see a tutorial of how to create the art hangers on the blog, The Lovely Drawer. Now, don't tell Francie but that plate you see of the mother and baby on the left is NOT Fran and I, although if you ask her it is (and we haven't told her otherwise) of course all the other photos are actually of our baby girl.
The storybook nook is a really cozy spot for Frannie to hang out and read, it fit the pallet sofa perfectly! 
I used a magazine rack (spray painted gold) that I had on hand to pull some of the books she reads more regularly down to her level, although it's just a matter of months before she can reach that first shelf.
You can see the mosquito netting or as we call it, the princess canopy, which I hung with some red ribbon as well as the thrifted headboard and dumpster dive side table. Now, I didn't go nuts styling that side table because the fact is, come nap time this room needs to be down to the bare bones so she will actually sleep and not spend this sacred time playing. So books and stuffed animals are the only things left up for grabs.
The bed is quite frilly and please say 'Hello' to Blue Bunny, she's like another member of the family, VERY well loved.
I was finally able to give my vintage starburst lamps a home on the dresser along with my DIY starburst mirror. The teal lamps break up all the pinky-red in the room.
The faux flower chandelier acts as a focal point in the room and helps draw the eye up to the vaulted ceiling.
The last project I have to complete is painting the interior of the closet and adding a bit of shelving for storage. Usually during waking hours we fling open those doors and Frannie plays with toys and dress-up clothes stored there, so I'd like to have a little bit of fun with the closet. I'll start with some pretty pink paint and some cute storage baskets and go from there. A rug would also be nice for the open area in front of the closet but it's not a huge priority at the moment.
Well, there you have it, so far the room has worked out great. Francie loves laying in her big girl bed, not sure how long that will last but I'll enjoy it while it does and of course she is still sporting her Rapunzel crown and repeating "This is MY big girl room?!" (because EVERYTHING out of her mouth is a question these days).


UPDATE: Check out her full closet makeover here!


  1. So cute! Love the colors that you chose. The washi tape on the front sides of the shelves is so fun. It looks like she loved her room!!

    1. Thanks so much Emily! This was my first time using washi tape, it's a bit addictive, so easy and transformative, self control is key (:

  2. Francie's room looks soooo lovely. That frilly bed cover is just perfect and I still love the floral light cover. You did a great job. Late last year I transformed my Grand-nieces' bedrooms as a surprise while they were away on holidays You might like to have a look.

    1. Thanks LIbby! Your Grand-neices are so lucky to have you, what a fun surprise! Their rooms are so cute, the canopies are so much fun and well organized (:

  3. I love it! It turned out great... girly and cute, yet sophisticated and stylish in a way that should last her a long time! Great work. I especially love how the washi tape goes across the front of the shelves. Nice touch! (Stopping by from the That's Fresh Friday link up.)

    1. Aubrey thanks so much for stopping by and for the kid words about the room. So far it has really worked out great for our girl and I really enjoyed pulling it together! (:


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