Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY: Chic Industrial Shelving

While Francie and I spent most of last week visiting with my parents and as many other friends and family members in Illinois as the little lady's nap schedule would allow (a girl's got to maintain her sunny disposition somehow) I also managed to squeeze in a little DIY, discover some new color inspiration, and the most wonderful Mid-Century shop. I'll be sharing all of them with you this week (check back tomorrow and Thursday!) but I thought I'd start today with that DIY.

My parent's have always been supportive when it comes to my many design itch(es) over the years, this project was no different. My mom and I had been talking about ways to better utilize their two spare bedrooms. One is a guest room where Francie usually sleeps the other where Dan and I stay is primarily used for storage. She wanted to turn the space into her office but this meant coming up with some storage solutions for the space.

After an inventory of their garage, I stumbled upon three utilitarian metal shelves that were being underutilized. I combined the contents of two of the shelves and we had ourselves my mom's office storage solution. 
A few weeks back I saw these Brass-Plated Industrial Shelves on Jenny Komeda's website Little Green Notebook and thought how perfect they would be for my mom's office. While I can't use brass plating there was a much quicker and less expensive solution.

So after some light dusting of cobwebs...
And two coats of shiny gold spray paint (requiring just two cans) applied over the course of one day we had ourselves some faux Brass-Plated Industrial Shelving (and another design itch scratched). We left the MDF shelves as is, they blend in nicely.
This solution works particularly well in my parent's log home. By painting the utility shelf gold its details that once appeared strictly utilitarian now look like jewelry (i.e. Bling) and are an elegant contrast to the exposed wood ceiling, walls and flooring. It's a nice feminine touch to an otherwise rustic space.

The shelves helped us solve one of my mom's biggest organization challenges with the space, what to do with all of her and my dad's photos?! They had about eight shoe boxes and a couple storage bins  filled with loose photos and about 20 photo albums. To give her loose photos a more design friendly home I picked up some black photo boxes from Hobby Lobby, you can't go wrong with some uniformity and repetition. 

After some reminiscing and condensing we managed to squeeze their entire photo collection on to just two shelves.  This left room for her collection of Martha's (a.k.a Martha Stewart Living) and Elle Decors as well as various text books, decorating, and photography books that needed a home.
This also gave us a chance to put to good use to the various accessories my mom has collected over the years but didn't have on display.  Some of my favorites included a water color and sketch of horses by my grandpa.  
An old pulley we used as a book end.
 A geode on a carved wood base. 
A brightly painted wood carved fish, and a large print of the famous racing horse Man of War.
Of course it doesn't matter if we're in North Carolina or Illinois none of my projects' is complete without some photo-bombing by Frances.
Sometimes it just takes some fresh eyes to help re-imagine a space and its many organization and design opportunities (that's what us interior designers/daughters are here for). I'll be spending the month of August in Illinois and look forward to sharing more updates to the office then (no pressure Mom).



  1. Looks Great Griffin! Miss you!

  2. Alll you need is vision! great job!

  3. Looks perfect mam, You have done a great job. Your shelving kits looks fabulous and attractive one also. I like your idea of painting the shelving kits. It is also a helpful method who does not able to purchase expansive shelving kits, they can simply purchase any low cost shelving kits and use your above methods to make it attractive and life long working item. I am very happy to comment here.

  4. What kind of spray paint do you use?


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