Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY Christmas: Mini Kitchen Remodel

The past few weeks all of my creative juices have been flowing into Francie's Christmas presents.  I am pretty sure I have had way more fun making her gifts than she could possibly have playing with them.
I am most excited about this: 
A $40 antique store find (Bert's Furniture in Sanford to be precise) that I have since transformed into full-service play kitchen.

I started by repainting  the entire piece white using some paint I already had on hand. I left the countertop and shelf as is to maintain some of the original character. 
I recently replaced the knobs on Dan's dresser so I used the old ones to create the stove top and oven knobs and to ensure maximum fun I made sure they spun in place. I picked up the refrigerator and oven handles from Lowes for $10. 

For the oven window and ice maker I used chalkboard paint leftover from these projects.
I wanted to maintain the  kid-scale of the kitchen and I didn't want to spend too much money on the faucet (nothing new there), this meant an adult-sized faucet was out. After browsing the plumbing isle at Lowes with some burley men, who fittingly sported plumbers cracks, I stumbled upon some chrome plated brass pipes which I glued together and used a chrome plated flange to make sure it would securely stay in place. This solution cost just $12. The faucet knobs are also from Dan's dresser and they too spin. 
Dan used his reciprocating saw to cut the hole for the recessed sink. It wasn't a pretty hole but the stainless steel dog dish I found at the Dollar General (although it cost $3) fit just fine.
The stove burner is a $4 trivet that I covered with some plexiglass so that smaller toys wouldn't fall through. I used Goop Adhesive to keep the sink, faucet and burner in place, very strong and dries clear. 

I tried to keep the color pallet neutral and the design features pretty generic leaving room for Francie to be as imaginative as possible. I remember hours of fun on my Mini Mouse themed kitchen as a kid so I am thrilled to share that with Fran. Plus, if you were keeping count the whole project came in just under $70, not too shabby as most wooden play kitchens start out at $100.
Since we are headed to Illinois today for Christmas with our families Dan and I gave Frances her present last night. As you can see she loved it (almost as much as me)!

I hear Santa is bringing her a bunch of accessories to stock-up her kitchen, so it looks to be a very domestic Christmas for our girl. Next week I'll share Francies other DIY Christmas present, this one however, will not be contributing to her homemaking skills.

Here and here are some links to other DIY play kitchen tutorials on the web.



  1. this is amazing!!! Francie is so cute too

    1. Thanks Lauren! I hope you guys have a great Christmas, maybe we can finally meet Edith while we are in town!

  2. awww Griffin that is so awesome!! What a clever, creative girl you are! Little Francie is getting so big and so cute playing with her little kitchen!

    I wish we lived closer so you could allow some of your creative juices to rub off on me! LOL

    Miss you and Merry Christmas!


    1. Haha Thanks Leslie! I hope you and your guys have a great Christmas!

  3. I love this little kitchen! So much more real than the ugly plastic pink ones on sale at the big box stores. Frances looks like like she loves it!

    Very design-itchy!

    Aunt Cap

    1. Thanks Aunt Cappy, it was probably easier to put together too haha!

  4. OMG Awesome. You amaze me.
    She is so cute and so big.
    Can't wait to see you guys.

    Auntie Therese

  5. Nice post,Your kitchen looking very attractive.I also want to remodel my kitchen same as of your kitchen.Thanks for sharing.

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